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I would like to use this page to share all the experiences with the actual, future and potential mums. Also, with all the dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, grandads, grandmas, friends and public in general who is interested in knowing a bit more about pregnancy, labour, postpartum and day to day with a baby/kid from the mother´s point of view.

All this information is based on real personal experiences, what means that is not the right or wrong way to follow or feel about, they are only experiences that sometimes are common between one and another.

Also, I would like to say to every single mum out there, that they are not alone. We are all going through, more or less the same situations. We know that this is an incredible and fantastic time, sometimes you can´t even explain it, but there are really hard and difficult moments. But we are strong and superheroes. So go and talk to your mom, your friend or someone you know is not going to judge you and take out everything from your inside.
You´ll see how good it feels.

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